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Inspire your mind, rejuvenate your soul and replenish your health and happiness with the ST23 Travel Portal: a simple, convenient and affordable gateway to book travel and create incredible memories. ST23 gives you access to over 40,000 destinations and excursions across the globe. Our significant savings gives you the freedom to travel more so you can attend special events, explore mountain tops, bask in the sun of a tropical paradise or go anywhere your adventurous spirit guides you.


Our hotel collection ranges from small boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts to the large chains you trust the most. You will have access to over one million 3, 4 and 5-star hotels at savings up to 60% off.


Our steep discounts with all the major cruise lines make it easy to experience fun on the high seas. Adults, kids and teens will have a blast with something new to do, see and explore every day and night.


You will enjoy access to exclusive deals at over 18,000 activities around the world in 680 destinations and 130 countries.


Benefit from all of our relationships with car rental companies, airlines, golf courses, airport lounges, ground transportation, and more.

"We don't remember the days, we remember the moments."

Cesare Paves

"Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret."

Oscar Wilde

Whether local or global, all forms of travel enhance our lives and can increase our capabilities and life expectancy.

On average, U.S. employees have 23 days paid time off (PTO). Often, only half of those days are used.

It is not surprising Americans suffer from being overworked, overwhelmed and overwrought. Research shows that travel reduces stress, keeps your body healthy inside and out and boosts brain health.

When you travel you meet new people, you adapt to new situations and you become more globally and culturally aware. New experiences improve cognitive flexibility, creativity and overall mental sharpness.

In a study conducted by Ernst and Young of their employees, they found that for each additional 10 hours of vacation time taken, individual year-end performance ratings improved 8 percent. What's more, frequent vacationers were significantly less likely to leave the company.

At ST23, members have total control of their entire itinerary and access to steep savings with our comprehensive Travel Portal. Our service makes it easy to utilize paid time off and helps relieve budget concerns for planned and spur of the moment getaways.

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